RealTimeSolutions offers an innovative suite of products designed to address the unique needs of our clients through actionable data that drives intelligent decisions.

RealTimeSolutions has been designed to be simple enough for members to use, and powerful enough to influence the cost of the health plan, improve the health of the members, and make them better, more informed healthcare consumers.

RealTimeSolutions effectively integrates and complements the core Health Risk Management solutions provided by the American Health Data Institute.

We all know it is nearly impossible for consumers to determine the actual price for quality healthcare services. RealTimeChoices is a healthcare price transparency solution that gives individuals the tools they need to better choose where to spend their healthcare dollars. Specifically, RealTimeChoices provides the ability to shop for and receive a fair price for healthcare services. Consumers are able to quickly and easily understand what they should pay for specific services in their geographic area.

RealTimeHealth is a diabetic management program that uses state-of-the-art, cellular-based glucometers to automatically, consistently and accurately take and record a member’s glucose readings. This product is a 24/7 care support system that monitors, encourages and motivates the member to take the steps necessary to control their condition. RealTimeHealth also removes the hassle of unnecessary mailings, as supplies are mailed to the member’s home on an as needed basis. And, as an additional benefit, members are also able to bring family and friends into their care network.

The best way to control a chronic condition is to prevent it from happening altogether. RealTimeWellness delivers onsite biometric screenings that immediately identify potential health risk factors. RealTimeWellness focuses on keeping employees from reaching a chronically ill stage by making them aware of their basic health situation and providing educational and motivational materials. The employee data is uploaded to their personal health website as well as the KeyCare Guide, the RealTimeSolutions Health Risk Assessment tool.