Improving population health

The American Health Data Institute (AHDI) is on a mission to improve population health by transforming healthcare data into actionable intelligence.

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Effective Healthcare Solutions

At AHDI, we offer patent-proven solutions to empower you to improve the health of your employee population. From Chronic Disease Management to the Proactive Health Management Plan and beyond, we are evolving healthcare by making it what it should always be: patient-focused.

About AHDI

AHDI partners with companies and healthcare organizations across the U.S., bringing world-class health coaching and support for chronic diseases. We know that claims are more than just claims, and we are dedicated to managing employee health by offering top-notch care whilst cutting costs.

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Chronic Disease Management

Our goal is long-term behavioral change to improve patient self-management. The program will reduce claims costs depending on the prevalence of chronic disease in a population and the employer’s support for program participation.

AHDI: By the Numbers

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